Scott Cornwall Hair Colour Treatment
Scott Cornwall is a pioneer in the field of technical hair colour, treatment and advice. Using his expertise, Scott has translated many of the professional salons best kept secrets into effective and easy to use hair treatments that now include everything from colour preparation to correction and enhancement. Free from ammonia, peroxide and PPD, the collection is gentle on the hair and safe to use at home. Colour Preparation Precolour Clarifying Treatment Shampoo helps remove product residue and build up before colouring to deliver longer lasting, more vibrant colour. Colour Restore Neutralising Colour Enhancement Colour Restore Iced Platinum and Cool Ash are revolutionary hair treatment toners that are uniquely formulated to neutralise unwanted yellow or orange copper tones while restoring faded hair colour in just two minutes. Colour Enhancement Colour Restore Chocolate and Deep Red restore rich, glossy and vibrant tones back into faded hair colour. Colour Correction Decolour Remover is a super strength, protein rich formula which effectively removes unwanted artificial colour, returning hair to its natural shade and leaving it deeply conditioned. Decolour Stripper gently removes unwanted natural and artificial colour from the hair. Acting as a two-in-one remover and lightener, Decolour Stripper helps you go lighter safely without using bleach. Treatment Shine On Clear Hair Glaze creates lustrous red carpet shine and deeply conditions the hair with a collagen rich formula which lasts for up to 24 washes.
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